Aura’s Aloe Body Lotion

Aura’s Aloe Body Lotion


Aura’s Aloe Body Lotion:

833mg CBD
10 oz Bottle
Topical Use
Pleasant lavender Aroma
Natural Healing Oils

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Aura’s Aloe Body Lotion

Soothing and relaxing “Aloe CBD Body Lotion”, from Destination Cannabis.

833 mg. CBD. Pleasant lavender aroma with natural healing oils and aloe vera. Fantastic skin moisturizing for smooth glowing skincare. Escape the stress and refresh your body.

Ingredients: Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Distilled Water, Grapeseed Oil, Sesame Oil, Avacado Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Polysorbate 60, Glycerin, Allantoin, Cetyl Alcohol, Potassium Hydroxide, Camellia Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil (Comes in 10 fl oz.)