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Tinctures: One of the most common CBD delivery systems. Made by dissolving CBD concentrate into a carrier oil (In our case, Coconut Oil), then adding natural flavoring to curb the “Earthy” Hemp Taste.” This is done to improve dosing accuracy. eg: In our 1000mg tincture line, 1ml under the tongue would yield a 33mg dose of CBD and .5ml would yield a 16.5ml dose. This is very important especially with first-time users debating how much to take at one time or throughout the day. These can be taken “Sublingually” (directly under the tongue) or mixed in your favorite beverage.
Remember to always shake well before using.

Try our newest “Peppermint” flavor or our fan-favorite “Blueberry”, and don’t forget your furry friends with our “Bacon” Pet Tincture (can be applied to food, a treat, or given directly).